Basic / A1-A2

In the Basic course the student will be able to work in:

Listening Comprehension

Understand sentences and frequently used vocabulary related to areas of immediate personal relevance. Understand the main idea of short, clear, simple messages and announcements.

Reading comprehension

Read simple, short paragraphs or notices. Find and understand specific and predictable information in advertisements, simple magazine
advertisements, simple magazine articles, newspapers, menus, notes and calendars. Understand simple letters.

Oral interaction

Communicate in a simple way and directly exchange information on familiar topics and activities. Manage short and simple social exchanges. Ask basic questions when ordering food, booking a hotel, requesting basic services at: the bank, offices, public transport, airport, doctor’s surgery, among others.

Oral expression

Use phrases and sentences that describe in simple terms the family, way of life, educational background, and the world of work today.