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Basic / A1-A2

The basic course prepares the student to understand and communicate in a foreign language in everyday situations, using simple vocabulary and grammatical structures.

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Preintermediate / B1

At this level, students are able to communicate in work and everyday situations, improving their listening comprehension, reading, interaction and oral expression, as well as their writing skills.

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Intermediate / B1+

This intermediate course provides skills in understanding, speaking and writing in different situations, including conversations, debates, reports and letters.

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Advanced level / C1

This advanced course helps students who already speak English and are continuously exposed to the English-speaking world to express themselves and participate effectively in current, everyday issues by extending and applying their previously acquired knowledge.

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Other courses:

  • Conversational Spanish course
  • Spanish course for children
  • Business Spanish course 
  • Preparation for the CSEC Spanish, CAPE, DELE and IELTS exams

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