Intermediate / B1+

At the end of the course, the student will be able to work in the following areas:

Listening Comprehension

Understand long conversations and presentations, considering complex argumentation, on familiar topics. Understand news and current affairs programmes. Understand audios in standard language.

Oral interaction

Express themselves fluently and spontaneously in a way that a normal conversation with a native speaker would not involve much effort on either side on familiar topics. Participate actively in discussions in everyday situations, explaining and defending their points of view.

Reading comprehension

Read and understand articles and reports
related to current issues.

Oral expression

Present clear and detailed descriptions of a wide range of topics related to their specialism. Explain different points of view on an issue or topic, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of different options.


Write clear, detailed paragraphs on a wide range of topics of interest. Write reports conveying information or proposing reasons to support or refute a particular point of view. Write personal and business letters.