The Select Institute of Foreign Languages

Who are we?

Since our foundation, we have specialised in teaching English and Spanish as a second language and in adapting our programmes to the needs of each student, while promoting and contributing to cultural exchange.

Our study programmes aim to improve the skills and abilities of each student, allowing them to develop and communicate correctly. The participation of students from different countries in the academy and the contact with other local and international students, fosters bonds of friendship, cooperation and the confidence to speak another language fluently.


To be the leading language centre in the region, by combining adaptable teaching methods with an environment perfectly designed to support the personal development and language learning of every student, with the primary goal of breaking down communication barriers both nationally and internationally.


To contribute to the professional, social, cultural and personal development of all those who wish to learn a foreign language through teaching, interaction and innovation, thus achieving optimal performance for international communication.

Contributing to professional development through language learning

At SIFL, we are committed to providing high quality education that promotes the professional, social, cultural and personal development of our students. Through teaching, interaction and innovation, we strive to ensure that each student achieves optimal performance in international communication. At SIFL, we are passionate about helping our students reach their full potential and succeed in an increasingly globalised world.


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Committed to academic excellence and quality of service in language teaching

At SIFL, our vision is to become the region’s leading and most competitive language academy. We strive to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students, and are committed to providing the highest quality of service at all times.

We believe that in order to achieve our goal, it is essential to maintain an inspiring and enriching learning environment. Our team is composed of highly trained educators who are passionate about academic excellence. We help our students to develop the skills necessary for optimal communication in the languages we offer.

Educational management

SIFL has been teaching Spanish and English as a second language for the past thirteen years. We provide our students with the best quality education, as well as tailoring the curricula to the needs of each participant. In addition, we provide all the necessary orientation, assistance and information to the students during their stay.

Admission representatives

María Isabel Arana

Christian Castillo Bazó

Yorley Mendez