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Improve your English or Spanish skills, with our innovative programmes which are tailored to your needs. Studying at SIFL means that you learn a second language, while being part of a diverse community of local and international students.

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Travel to the Caribbean and discover the culture of Trinidad and Tobago!

By studying English on this Caribbean island, students are constantly exposed to the language, putting into practice all the concepts learnt in the classroom, and discovering the Trinidadian dialect. Trinidad and Tobago also offer students, the chance to experience different cultures, a rich and diverse gastronomy and a host of amazing tourist attractions and festivals.

What makes SIFL the best choice for you?

Accredited language institute

SIFL has been registered with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago, as a special language institute since 2010, ensuring the highest standards in education.

Qualified language teachers

Our teachers have the necessary experience in language instruction, guaranteeing an education of the highest quality.

Extracurricular activities

We offer extracurricular activities to ensure a comprehensive language learning experience.

Personalised attention and cultural exchange

At SIFL, students receive personalised attention with a maximum of 12 students per class, as well as the opportunity to interact in different cultural events and exposure to real life in English.

Residence assistance and student permit

For those who require accommodation, SIFL arranges home stays with local families who have worked with the academy since our inception. In addition, we provide full guidance for the student permit application, as well as the entry visa according to the nationality of the participant.

What do our students say?

At SIFL, we are proud to have helped hundreds of students achieve their language learning goals and explore new cultures. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our alumni:

Neil 🇨🇱

Amrita 🇹🇹

Florencia 🇺🇾

Alberto 🇦🇷

Israel 🇻🇪

Delroy 🇬🇧

Isabella 🇻🇪

Ayesha 🇹🇹

Carlos 🇵🇦

Luisa Fernanda 🇨🇴

Find the right course for you

SIFL offers a variety of face-to-face and online language courses, including basic (A2), pre-intermediate (B1), intermediate (B1+), upper-intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1) levels. Choose one of the following options to find the course that best suits your needs.

Basic / A2

The basic course prepares the student to understand and communicate in a foreign language in everyday situations, using simple vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Preintermediate / B1

At this level, students are able to communicate in work and everyday situations, improving their listening comprehension, reading, interaction and oral expression, as well as their writing skills.

Intermediate / B1+

This intermediate course provides skills in understanding, speaking and writing in different situations, including conversations, debates, reports and letters.

Upper Intermediate / B2

Improve your listening, speaking, and writing skills. Master complex texts, and achieve fluent communication with English speakers.

Advanced / C1

This advanced course helps students who already speak English and are continuously exposed to the English-speaking world to express themselves and participate effectively in current, everyday issues by extending and applying their previously acquired knowledge.

Corporate collaborations over the years

At SIFL we focus on providing the highest quality solutions to the challenges faced by companies and organizations working in diverse language environments. We are proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to professional language development with some of the largest and most recognized companies in the region, such as: