Excellent facilities and accommodation for our students

We have comfortable and ergonomic classrooms, equipped with air conditioning and designed for small groups, which guarantees personalised attention and an optimal learning environment. In addition, we understand that comfort, safety and well-being are fundamental elements of the study experience. That is why we offer a wide variety of accommodation options to suit individual needs and preferences.

Classroom facilities

Student residence

Student residence

For those who require student residence assistance, SIFL offers placement services in conveniently located residences in the city. These residences are strategically located, making it easy for students to get around and allowing them easy access to nearby supermarkets, sports centres, pharmacies and restaurants.


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Private apartments

For those who prefer greater privacy and independence, SIFL can also facilitate the availability of fully furnished private flats. These flats provide students with a comfortable environment, with everything they need to make them feel at home.